Angie Pagán


I am a Denver based designer, illustrator, and artist with a passion for creative thinking.

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I grew up with creative parents (both musicians,) who always encouraged me to express myself artistically. Drawing and painting were go-to's at a very young age, and stayed that way until I attended the University of Missouri. I obtained a degree in Fine Art in 2012, and my creative direction became more serious. 

It wasn't until later that I transitioned from "artist" to "designer," and learned that design is the communicator between art, culture and virtually all problems and ideas. Therefore, I enjoy every aspect of design and always challenge myself to learn something new with each project and client.


Content is king, but context is God
— Gary Vaynerchuk


I like this quote. I think Gary Vaynerchuk was right when he said this at a TED Talk because it parallels the basis for great design thinking, and I always try to keep it in mind through all stages of design work. Go Gary. 

In late 2014, I became an intern for the in-house Creative Services team at DigitalGlobe, the world's largest satellite imagery company. I learned the ins and outs of production with massive satellite imagery files, and also about the discipline of beautiful corporate design. After interning for a year, I continued on a contract basis with DigitalGlobe until landing at the studio Terrain Collective Inc. in Boulder, Colorado in 2016. 

Terrain Collective Inc. allowed me to delve into the studio world, working in a fast-paced environment with several clients at a time. Being a part of a lean studio team, I was involved with projects on a very high level. It has allowed me to push my skills as a designer through several branding/identity projects, packaging, product development, and a couple wordpress websites. I especially thrive working on projects that involve illustration and animation, but truly enjoy all aspects of the creative process. That being said, I have a solid foundation of production experience as well from seeing projects go from concept to fruition. 

Currently, I find my passion for design and the mountains blurring together by designing for the Content Marketing team at Vail Resorts. My knowledge of campaign strategy, data analytics, and storytelling have been pushed beyond what I could imagine, and I've enjoyed a few turns on the mountain along the way.  

Some of my design heroes today are illustrators like Brian Miller and Tad Carpenter, type enthusiast Bethany Heck, and of course locals like Berger & Föhr, and Cast Iron Design. 

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